Alice will stumble into Wonderland yet again in Redwood Valley High School's upcoming production.


For the past few weeks, the RVHS cast and crew have been working diligently to create its performance of “Alice in Wonderland.”

According to senior cast members Nikki Tatge, Derek Tomlinson and Bail-ey Boots, things have been going very well.

With all of the scenes blocked and most of the lines now memorized, Tatge said thespians are now working toward the finished product.

The play being performed by the RVHS troupe, is similar to that of the original story, said Boots, adding it is not completely like the Disney movie which combined two stories, “Alice in Won-derland” and “Through the Looking Glass.”

What makes this year’s performance unique is the number of elements being used from the sets to the costuming, which is a bit different from the three-act plays and musicals this year’s seniors are used to performing.

“This is going to be a spectacle,”?said Tomlin-son, who plays the Cat-erpillar.

Tatge, Tomlinson and Boots all expressed ap-preciation in working with director Whitney Hegg who started directing the schools theater performances when they were freshman.

Being able to bring their ideas to the play helps them take more ownership of the production and brings a lot of unique creativity to it.

Granted, there are times when Hegg has to rein in the creativity a bit.

“I think being able to give our ideas is going to make this a better play,”?said Boots.

Tatge said the group of performers and the crew are working very well together and each year the group becomes like a big family.

That is what Boots, Tatge and Tomlinson said has kept them involved in theater for so long.

Tatge said this year’s performance is certainly one for kids who have heard the story of “Alice,” but she added there are certainly themes in the play meant for adults.

As the story is a familiar one, those putting on the play hope that means a good turnout for each of the performances, which are being held Nov. 12-14 in the PAC.

With just a few weeks left, Tatge said there is still a lot of work left to do.

“While you work at the play you never think it is going to be that good,” said Tomlinson.

However, in the end it always seems to turn out better than anyone really expected it would.

“I think we have a very good cast,”?said Tatge.

The public is encouraged to mark their calendars for this year’s play.