Local groups and individuals clean up along the highways every year. See what the Rotary Club found when they cleared the ditches along Highway 101 this week.


If Highway 101 to old North Redwood looks a little neater this week, thank the Redwood Falls Rotary Club.

Various groups and individuals clean up the nearby highways, and the Rotary Club takes care of County High-way 101 twice a year.

“We’ve got more territory this year because of the bike path,” said President Julie Rath.

She added the timing for the clean-ups has to be just right. 

In the spring, the club has to get at the litter before the grass gets too long. 

In the fall, they have to get out before the snow falls.

This year, most of the garbage was harmless. County Engineer Ernest Fiala said just a couple years ago, when meth labs were more common, he didn’t encourage volunteers to clean up anything suspicious they found in ditches.

When the group headed out Monday, the worst the Rotary Club discovered was lots and lots of fast food wrappers.

“You can really tell where most people finish their hamburgers,” said Rath.

It took the 12 volunteers about an hour to clean the highway on Monday. When they were finished, city ad-ministrator Keith Muet-zel took the bags to Waste Management headquarters.